The Get Together Conference is just around the corner…

Jungshin Fitness is an exercise and mind-body program drawing upon ancient Eastern movement techniques and modern conditioning trends. The movements are choreographed using a wooden practice sword. The sword provides a necessary tactile tool, a point of focus, and a way for the client/members to accentuate their relationship to gravity thus gaining flexibility through strength and conditioning. There is a focus on the endocrine system and health stimulated by appropriate movement exercises.


Jungshin draws upon ancient eastern modalities of fitness such as Ki energy (AKA, electromagnetism),mental focus, and explosive power, while incorporating modern day movements along fascial lines, and plyometrics. Participants will learn how to both access and teach

Participants will comprehend how to connect necessary concepts of physics with movement and in particular how gravity acts upon the body’s tissue and fascial system and what this means in terms of aging and overall health and how a sword gets the lift and hydration needed for a healthy body.

Participants will leave understanding the effects of adrenal fatigue and how serious a syndromes this is for many of our clients and students and will have tool bag of movements that specifically address the adrenals in healthy ways.  


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