Move for Your Health with Jungshin Fitness. 


Jungshin Fitness guides participants through the foundational programming which supports health inspired movements including the physiology and anatomy of Jungshin Fitness ® exercises and how to implement them into PT, Small Group, and Group Ex formats.

Our purpose in bringing Jungshin Fitness to movement specialists, students, and health care practitioners a like is to make the very necessary 21st century mind/body connection in movement and in how to integrate this our lives. Jungshin Fitness is designed to, a) bring acute mindfulness to each movement, 2) work the body from the inside out (we address the primary organs and glands which keep the body alive), 3) create a way of living beyond movement (how do we relate to our surroundings, how do we manage stressors, and how can the concept Jungshin (Focused Mind) assist in every walk of life, 4) use a tactile tool to assist balance, nervous system, and mindfulness.


  • Learn how to apply the basic 8 stance/8 strike rule across three dimensions, four directions developing a relationship to gravity and what this means in terms posture, digestion, and mental health.
  • Learn how to work one-on-one and in-group format with Long and Short Swords in order to develop an appropriate exercise program that suits your clients.
  • Understand the physiology and anatomy that form the relationship between the 8 foundational mind/body principles for health.
  • Practice the core ground exercises to understand how each one has a physiological benefit and functional purpose
  • Understand and apply concepts of KI (Electromagnetism on a cellular level) and how these resonate with the ability to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE for you and your client(s)


Using custom weighted wooden swords; Jungshin Fitness will take your body and mind through a stimulating, cutting-edge workout using its longer levers. During this full-day session you will enter into the depths of the benefits of eastern movements, how to achieve maximum health through movement, and why Jungshin and its simple 8 stances and 8 strikes will get you to the look and feel you desire on the inside as well as outside. Drawing upon ancient eastern modalities of health and fitness, Jungshin SLICE IT UP gets into the heart of what keeps us alive through the workout, our organs, while modeling how to attain look and feel you desire. The physiological benefits are integrated into the non-stop workout such that the attendee will reap the benefits as the sweat drips and the swords slice. The workout stimulates both the endocrine system and the metabolism while being one of the toughest yet accessible workouts for all ages. It’s a life-changing workout.


As a species we did not always MOVE for health nor because we cared about how we “looked.” And while in ancient India and China there were many links to how one moves and both organ and mental health, it wasn’t until the 19thth century that modern-day population began to equate movement with health and intelligence

President Jefferson says in the 1800’s: “no less than two hours a day (despite the weather) should be devoted to fitness. If the body feeble the mind will not be strong”.

And yet here we are in the 21st century with more age-related, health related, and stress-related dis-eases. Part of our the human dilemma is that we are the only species that has the ability to use the mind to understand the mind yet we are also advancing in technology so rapidly that we move away from ground and center and mindfulness often and increase stress to every organ and every gland that keeps us alive. Jungshin is a program that is designed to help bridge the gap between the pace of evolution and the health of the body. One only needs 10-minutes/day to do a physiological mind/body reset. We show you how through Jungshin Fitness.



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