Directional Momentum Training with Jungshin Fitness

What is Jungshin Fitness and why a sword? Jungshin Fitness literally mean “focused mind”. We all are aware of the neurological and physical benefits of mindful meditation and what we decided to create in Jungshin Fitness is an-easy-to follow system of movement patterns that provide quick physical and mental benefits over short periods of time which we call, MOVING MEDITATION. These benefits will be shared with you at our sessions.
What set’s Jungshin apart from other forms of movement that require mindfulness (like yoga, or swimming, or any competative athletic sport) is this: Jungshin is Directional Momentum Training (DMT). We have chosen swords as our momentum tool due to the accurate and aerodynamic construction of the sword itself-making it easier for the body to move gracefully with this extended lever. Our DMT training model offers precise stimulation to the organs, a physiological benefit created relative to the direction and  momentum of the body in relationship to each strike, stance, and block.
All movements are centered around the health and mobility of the spine. We create active and directional spines which we understand aid in the overall health of our cranial/sacral connection as we lengthen through the thoracic area, lifting and creating space  for the lungs to breath properly and the heart to do its job with ease. The explosive DMT movements we engage in our #Combat and #Athletic flow classes coupled with the breathing techniques make for what we call the physiological reset. In Jungshin Fitness we have put this all together in a format where play and warrior moves are your path in to radical transformative results.
Let the Sword Speak!
The Jungshin Fitness Team. 12755157_10153813738230977_1936779932_o

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